Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The Snazzies: Idle Animation (10 Sec Loop)

Hey Catherine,

Now this is the idle section for the cinema interior. The point of this idle is for those moments where we want the Slinkies looking passive. They look good from the front and back (I animated it from the front to make sure it worked). To break it down we have Sparkle who is a figit... cant sit still, we have Rose who is cheesed off/bored and Flame who is doing his best to look effeminate.

The gif animation above shows a playblast from the Slinkies front on. Again this is not the angle we are going to be seeing them from mostly but the poses they are pulling here could be a default frame that leads into other animations giving us a good starting ground moving forward. Every section of this animation needs a good foundation so I recommend we use the idles for that. Ill show you as we get further in.

Now the next gif animation (above) shows the same idle animations but set from the back of our cinema so we can see the Slinkies watching our transparent television screen. This is also a 1080 render, I thought I'd get a jump on the rendering just to gauge a timescale for all 3 on screen at once... It took roughly 6 hours 30 minutes to render this 10 seconds out. It is for this reason I still recommend we keep shots of all 3 of them to a minimum.

The gif animation above now shows Hitch in the screen, just so you can kind of see how it looks with the Slinkies watching as the video plays. As you can see the idles loop so you can get away with seeing a few seconds of this loop before cutting to a closer shot or even cutting back to the Slinkies for comment. It just gives us the ability to be a bit more dynamic without having to do more animation, it saves us a hell of a lot of time.

The next gif animation is just the same exact video but with Stitch in the screen. I just wanted you to see what it looks like with each character in the screen to give you a better idea of how things will look going forward. I am really happy with how the render came out and the animation is just subtle enough not to draw attention to the fact it is the same 10 seconds looped over and over. I really hope you like how it's going.

Lastly the Rocco animation (I can only apologise for the page loading times) these files are like 10mb each so unless your watching on a fast connection this post is going to drag lol. I just want to provide you a full picture... The playblast at the top of this post is how I will do most of the animation posting on this blog... for your confirmation... I rendered this idle just because I wanted to scope the time.

Anyway I hope this post has been informative and I have given you something to look at. The environment from Ross's side is also on track I will post a flythrough of that on here once he has finished the last of the texturing. We will talk soon!