Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Snazzies: Shot 8/9 Complete

Hey Catherine,

Its been a bit of time coming but this is probably going to be one of the harder parts of the interior. I have the sitting animation (shot 8) leading neatly into our idle animation (shot9) which then leads into a zoom into the screen (the next - shot 10 being a close up of our interface). In shot 10 the interface will open to reveal a guy/girl garment choice... They will choose guy garments. When the page loads we will cut back to the Slinkies so they can squeal excitedly (shot 11) before cutting back to our screen where they will do their choice commentary (biggie coats, etc).

I will send the password to your email.

Snazzies Kickstarter Shot 8/9 from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

For this shot I purchased 4 sound effects (and used one of Sparkles gasps - I think it works). Chair Squeak, Menu Interface select, card shuffle for the on screen font & a door slam which came with a door open so I can double that with shot 7 (door open). The whole shot cost me $20.00 but it was nice to be able to find everything and have a really high quality choice. I hope all of this is okay... I also found a soundtrack that I like you can only hear a bit in the video but here is the full one... I didn't buy it because I thought youd want some input there but to me its perfect.

You can find the full thing here -

At the moment its preview so it has an audio water mark. If its not for you then show me one you like but it really does break up the silence to have a quirky track running throughout... Obviously we dull it when we go into the screen.

Anyway I hope you like it so far!


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