Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Snazzies: Current Snazzy Scales

Hey Catherine,

Okay Catherine going by the email you sent your are now happy with how they look its just a scaling issue. I sat down and threw all of the characters so far in one scene (even our draft Slinky). Basically we go by her scale divide her in half and add a centimetre back. I wanted the waist of the Saggy to kind of line up with the Slinky's I also considered eye size and arm span. Again technical considerations.

The image above shows the characters in orthographic view lined up in the same scene. From your emails I ascertained that Stitch is the smallest (in this case 6cm shorter then Tim). This means that Ross will be the tallest (possibly 5-6 cm taller then Tim). The Slinky is obviously the tallest (I'm not sure about the other Slinkys). Anyway they look good together so I think this is probably correct.

Next is a clean perspective shot looking up at the Slinky on the far (tallest) end. I rendered this and lost the black background so you could see Stitch a bit better. If you have any further concerns with the height please let me know how tall you see them being obviously. I think I have emphasized how you shouldn't scale this down after they are rigged so environments etc will have to be scaled for these characters.

Last but not least is the final sizes in Feet (the image is front perspective). Again I am willing to hear your concerns about these but I need to know this before I rig. We don't want to be downsizing/up scaling after the rig is implemented. Anyway I think this is a nice balance of size and it has a nice bit of realism binding it (jeans are 3 foot from the ground - the long boxer shorts add a foot).

Please get back to me once you have had a gander!

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