Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Shape Revision

Hey Catherine,

Okay sorry for the delay on this I had a bit of additional work last week so I was jumping between a few bits (finished the lawn finally too lol). Anyway I managed to sit down for a few hours this weekend and adjust the shape of your Slinky. The next step is to go and do the UV mapping again and then the texturing. I'm thinking these will be pretty quick the second time round. Anyway lets get on with it.

The image above shows a few choice stills which show the adjusted model I thought you'd want to see it still in addition to another turnaround. I corrected the ear (side head hole) and added a back hole as your side turnaround showed as much. I tried to make the sides actually look like ears (in shape), I hope that's okay. The body is also adjusted I flattened the front and widened out the behind the dress also drags more natural to the floor.

The next image is the head close up just so you could get a better look without having to zoom into the first image. Again I tried to compensate the curve flow of the body just because it looked weird when I didn't. I had to adjust the model polys so its going to be possibly a complete remap of the entire body. I also made her eyes bigger and angled them a little higher. This meant I also had to realign the lashes and eyes.

Last but not least is my usual 99 frame AO/Wire turnaround just so you can see everything (albeit briefly). Again I am going to need you to confirm that you are happy with this shape before proceeding. We need to get this wrapped up so I can start UV mapping and retexture the model. I will take reference from the images you sent when considering the normal maps as well as the colour. I hope you like the adjustments but all the same let me know.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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