Friday, 8 May 2015

The Snazzies: Stitch Saggy Texture Turnaround

Hey Catherine,

Ross asked that I also post up some turnarounds for you to have a gander at so that is what this post is about. I went a bit to town on turnarounds just because I thought you'd want to see more intimate details. Not just the surface texture but how things look "under the hood" so to speak. My mandate with you was not just to create the characters but make you aware of the process for future ventures.

The image above shows the Stitch Saggy at its base level with no detail. Everything else we added to it after this point was all smoke and mirrors as you well know. The core geometry is quite simple but the shape is different to the original Saggy (which we have affectionately named "Bee" for its bumble bee coloured boxers shorts lol). I thought this post should only be about turnarounds so please continue.

The next image shows the Saggy with its core normals and of course the wire of the model itself. This is there to show that the detail/high details are in fact a texture map. The wire is also there to show the continuity of the model that it is entirely quad and is for the most part has a good flow. I will say once again for the record that these are Ross's adaptations from the original (Bee).

Last but not least is the textured turnaround (and the entire point of the post). This is in addition to the normal maps underneath and in a nicely lit scene. Ross is happy with how he looks and I have to say I concur here. The boxers are probably his favourite part (are you guys trying to say I have a heart? lol). We hope you like how he looks obviously theres only one more to go and the Slinky is coming along nicely.

Please let Ross know what you think as soon as you can.

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