Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Snazzies: "Tim" & "Stitch" Saggy Rig Ready

Hey Catherine,

Okay barring our collaboration on "Rose" the Slinky I thought it was time for you to give us your final sign off on the first two characters (Tim & Stitch). The renders in this post are from clean Maya scenes with a drop in lighting set. The various, textures, nodes, bump maps, etc. are all named and are made part of a hierarchy. The Maya models (and their components) are grouped and complete. I call this "Rig Ready".

The images above give you a final close up of each of their faces. Obviously prior posts have a good view of the front so please check back on those if need be. This post is to also confirm that you like the new hearts texture on the "Stitch" Saggy (taken from your email). I hope that this is acceptable and that we can move on with the other characters when we meet. Ross is working on the last (Ross) Saggy as we speak.

Last but not least are the two characters from the front in the same camera space. The only thing for me to figure out is the Maya units (height) of each character. As I told you I will work this out from the base Saggy (Tim) but it will probably be easier to do when we have every character in the "Rig Ready" stage. I will do confirmation posts for each character once they are Rig Ready. They require just your final say so.

So yeah just confirm these now and 4 characters remain.

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