Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Snazzies: Stitch Saggy Texture Renders

Hey Catherine,

Okay this is a post on the behalf of Ross (as you know he's not one for typing on a blog haha). I would just like to point out though that while this is me typing and organising his post online the work within this post is his in its entirety. With that said there will also be a bit of referring to the original Saggy design so you can see a direct comparison without jumping between posts (click to enlarge).

The images above show my original Saggy with Ross's jean rendition of me (thanks btw lol). The jean texture is entirely different to mine and the shape of the model is vastly different. The gloves are only in one eye and they are brown. The belt is also a significant change to my original. I could go into how much the model is different but mostly it comes down to the textures as you well know.

Our textures differentiate as we wear completely different jeans. Ross's have a more rich blue and very little fade like mine. The only part we seem to harmonize on is the buttons (we used the same online image). Its a fly in the ointment though you can hardly tell that the buttons are identical. Our belts are also significantly different Ross made his life harder with one which had lots of holes but it looks good!

The texture maps themselves are also quite sleek. The image above shows another comparison between the original and the new "Stitch". Ross went to town on the normal maps to make the character as different in form as diffuse texture. We have even played putting them in a scene together its quite a thing to see. We will post you up some more stuff as we proceed but the main Slinky and Saggy remain priority.

Last but not least are the two characters rendered in full (the original vs. the new "stitch"). They are rendered in slightly different perspective so don't let that trick you. They are quite similar in size (with the exception of a few inches - Ross's intention). The texturing is still super tight and as you can see they both look amazing together. Ross hopes that this is acceptable for a texture job!

Let us know if there is any problems!

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