Monday, 6 February 2017

The Snazzies Shot 1 - 4 w. 5 Playblast REV A

Hey Catherine,

New update we are on the final 100 yards now but there is still a hell of a lot of rendering I don't have to tell you how time consuming rendering this environment is. Never the less I have plotted a playblast for the next shot (Shot 5). All of the interior bin scenes are as good as done. I added an extra bin opening shot just because it felt right before the POV section. Please check it out and give me your verdict as soon as.

Snazzies Shot 1 - 4 w. 5 Playblast REV A from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

In other news I added your extra gasp shot... after I did that the shot of the bin opening before the POV just felt right. It may be a bit long but I wasn't sure. Besides more then anything I just wanted to make sure it would work. Shot 6 is essentially a series of cuts ending on the Sign which we zoom in on for sparkle to say "MIX AND MATCH DATING". They then climb out of the bin Flame speaks then we walk to the snazzplex... end of.

Anyway I hope you like it!

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