Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Snazzies Shot 1 - 5 w. 6 Playblast REV A

Hey Catherine,

We are one step closer the end of this animation its going to be a hurrah moment lol. Todays video shows the rendered Shot 5 with the play blast of shot 6. I full screened the play blast this time its a bit grainy but I think it conveys the point better. Anyway I decided on a gradual zoom out from elements within the environment saving the zoom for the big "MIX AND MATCH DATING" moment. I think it works it may be a little too slow paced.

Snazzies Shot 1 - 5 w. 6 Playblast REV A from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

Anyway look it over and let me know if there's anything your not sure of... I will do as I did the other day and wait for your feedback before pulling the render trigger. Environment renders as I said take longer due to all of the lighting in the scene. You have to also try to imagine our purple sky in the play blast because it realty does compliment the objects in the scene quite well. Let me know if there are any issues with it!

Catch you later on! Cheers!

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