Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Snazzies Shot 1 - 6 w. 7 Playblast REV A

Hey Catherine,

Well here we are hopefully the last test play blast I have to initiate as this is the final shot... It will probably take a few days to render but I am happy with the result achieved... Firstly it didn't feel right to put a cut in the middle of the walk towards the bin... Just looks messy, I can believe a speed walk or run better. It also flows nicer and that's what's important here the flow of the animation and our resulting story.

Snazzies Shot 1 - 6 w. 7 Play blast REV A from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

I also decided to alter 6 a little now all POV cuts come from inside the bin... It felt more realistic and there was less jarring between the shots. We don't want a POV to be outside of the bin it has to be coming from the bin. The only thing missing from this shot is the door open sound but I will place that in after everything is rendered. Then I will create you a "Rough Final" which is before sound etc. Should not be too long for a end final.

Anyway check it out and get back to me!

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