Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Snazzies: Introduction to Shot 1 Rev 2

Hey Catherine,

Hope this is more of what you had in mind... I haven't rendered it this is a playblast so I can be sure this is okay before I render. This render is probably going to take my computer out for today tonight and probably a huge chunk of tomorrow. The environment is huge and rendering in 1080 is a huge endeavour. I will probably call you after sending you the email if not please get in touch with me ASAP because I gotta get this going.

Snazzy Kickstarter Introduction Playblast from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

I did what I think you wanted the text is missing but like I said its lacking a render I wasn't going to put it in my comp unless its a render. You are going to have to ignore the crying until I get angry in there again I used it mainly to map the shots so I could just dump the render in after it is done. I did cuts and gradual pans/zoom ins & outs. I kept the person out of shot through camera placement I hope this one is acceptable.

Well get back to me after seeing it.

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