Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Snazzies: Full Interior Scene (Shot 8-30)

Hey Catherine,

Well this is the entire interior scene done it is quite a duration (5 mins) but like I said to you one the Phone I'd keep a full version and make cuts as required it always helps to have more then you need because it can always be reduced. I purchased the Slinkies track and it came with a looping track among other things so I will probably see if I can use that for the exterior scene. Anyway I really hope you like what you see!

Snazzies Kickstarter Full Interior Scene from Free Fall Interactive on Vimeo.

The credits are precursors at present it would be nice to break down mine and Ross's name under the Free Fall Interactive header we can have the text come in and out a kind of more stylish credit scroll. It would also be good form to credit the musicians for the tracks we used and the sound website we used for the effects. All of that we can rattle off when we sit down for our meeting to discuss our next steps forward.

Anyway please enjoy and let me know what you think.


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