Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Accessory & Orthograph Revisions

Hey Catherine,

I am back on the case, everything has been sorted and yeah I found a few hours for myself over the weekend... Adjusted your turnarounds so once you confirm them I think we are ready to go... I also adjusted the rose leafs... much sharper so this should be the last post regarding the two. Please let me know if these are acceptable so I know everything is good to proceed.

The revised upper body diagram shows the side and back head's of the slinky, I also changed the dress shape to be more even on each side especially now that I know the slit is just on the front and back which means it doesn't show on the side at all really... at least not in orthography... it would in perspective. Anyway this should be more like what you wanted.

As far as the full body images go like I said before I made the bottom of the dress frill out a bit to match it more to the side profiles. When adjusting the sides I gave the dress a little curve of elegance around the back... I thought it would make it more effeminate. I added your front and back slits and as you can see the dress has a back...

The last item up for discussion is the rose did my best to sharpen the leaves and I can sharpen them more but I will have to do more playing with the geometry... Just let me know if they are not sharp enough Ill see what I can do... Although you may want to consider that when I smooth the rose it naturally turns right angles into sharp curves... nature of the business unless you want things low poly.

Anyway I hope these are acceptable.


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