Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Model Day 1 & 2

Hey Catherine,

So sorry i'm late on here was up late last night playing with the model a bit so delayed my sleep this morning... I'll never learn but when I start modelling I kinda get tunnel vision and don't know when to stop. Still I am bringing you a few dev shots as promised. I started the model a few times but the geometry wasn't right and you need it to be if you want it animated properly.

Anyway I will give you a shot from each Orthograph profile and to the left of each image is the body in perspective. It's coming along quite nicely I'm just this second trying to get the slit of the dress correct. The head is gonna be a bit of a challenge but I'm confident that once I get started there won't be too many issues...

Shot 2 shows the front as you can see its all lining up quite nicely but the reason I keep perspective in play here is because the Orthographs sometimes have a way of making characters look wrong in places or the geometry doesn't lay out how it should. For this reason I go into perspective and tweak things so it looks good in the view you will be using it in for your v-logs.

Next is the shot of the back which as I mentioned in the first shot the slit is the next thing to figure out, I have to do it in a way that the rigging doesn't may the dress appear in the correct way... I may take it into another application to do this. The dress needs a back side on the inside otherwise it will look as though the dress is transparent when you look inside.

Last but not least is the other side shot from the right side. So far everything lines up but that's probably going to change especially when I get to the head. You don't want the body leaning forwards really. The back of the dress is the next step for me so don't worry I'm still shaping the body of this dress... Rest assured though everything is totally under control. I hope you like how its going so far... Sorry it took so long to get in touch today.


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