Friday, 27 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Initial Turnaround

Hey Catherine,

This is another post for you to examine and please do so carefully. At this point the model is nearing completion I just need to texture and rig it but this is the point where you can change the shape. Take the weekend and show it to some people and please do your best to ignore the arms (the feathers is something I'm playing with). You won't see the arm geometry underneath but it needs to be there so they can be animated.

The turnaround above is the model at its core and the geometry underneath, its professional to be able to show both. Anyway this should allow you and anyone you show it to examine the models form and decide if the shape is acceptable. This is the only stage where things can be adjusted because once rigged there will be no going back without a re-rig... and that's extra. Rigging is a fussy thing so geometry has to be as is.

Let me know!


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