Monday, 2 February 2015

The Snazzies: Orthographics Dev Slinky

Hey Catherine, Sorry I have been quiet, I tend to do that when I am in full on work mode... rest assured I have been working away on stuff regarding the Snazzies. As I explained in my last post/emails Orthographics are generally a must for any 3D based work where a concept or design is already forged. It's took a little longer then I would have liked but I am happy with the results. Anyway lets get down to the nitty gritty.

I worked very closely with the blueprint image above that you gave me and considered the entire character + all elements from multiple viewpoints. I am going to work my way through the slinky and then do the same process with the saggy when the slinky is complete... From what I have seen the saggy will be easier, I had to consult a colleague about the Slinky - particularly the feathered arms... I have found a way though.

The image above shows the orthographics I knocked up, please take a careful look at these because these are what I will be using to create your 3D model. After these have been confirmed I will get cracking on the modelling. These will help me create the base shapes and then further alterations on the model can be discussed... Ill do a daily post for the modelling phases.

These are the orthographics I will be using for the body shape, I added a slit because I could see that in your original I also added a waist on the side because the hips of the dress concept you sent give the illusion of a woman filling them. I also assumed the dress is backless (another thing I considered from the Jessica Rabbit suggestion, let me know if not).

Last but not least this is a picture I found, looking similar to your waist wrap thing, I just wanted to make clear that this is how you want her arms to look... I'd also like to confirm from one of your earlier emails that you don't want a thumb or fingers in this? You just want mobility... Once you confirm these designs I will get cracking with the modelling phase. then texturing and lastly rigging...


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