Monday, 2 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Hair Accessory

Hey Catherine,

Got another little update for you, I spent a few hours this weekend playing with the hair accessory for your slinky. I knew it was a rose (as is the name of the Slinky in question). Anyway I sat down and got that bit out of the way being one of the most intricate pieces about the model. As you can see from my prior post Orthographics, I had planned it but wanted your feedback.

The image above was my top down estimation of a rose, for this I had to do a bit of research into Roses, this is the first flower I have tried to create in 3D so I hope it makes the cut. Please let me know if there is anything missing or if there is anything you need me to add... Imagery would be better then words so I know what I have to recreate.

The image above is some of the development work which I told you I would post if you wanted. This particular one is a UV map and its what us modellers use to give their model colour, texture and definition (bumps, displacement, etc). This grid is the squares that constitute the model and the petals are draped over them to give the flower elements realistic colour.

The image above here is the wire mesh view of the rose model showing the grid which is textured and built within 3D. The model is fairly basic but it has a lot of individual detail, the rest is created by the rendering engine and lighting effects. Anyway all of this produces a final renderered image... see below!

As you can see the rose looks pretty nice but it does have some very specific lighting and texture settings. These may change depending on your future animators setting, if you want at the end of this I can give you some recommendations... either way its up to you. Anyway I hope you like the look of this, please let me know if I have overlooked anything but I do ask that you consider how intricate flowers can be... Too much detail can make animation a chore.


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