Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Model Day 3 & 4

Hey Catherine,

I decided to keep updates to 2 screens per day so the posts will be every 2 days, it's just easier to keep things in check. That being said I will aim to have this model done by next week, I'll start looking at texturing too but you may want to weigh in here. I'm not sure if you have a dress design/pattern that you would rather I use... Please let me know.

Day 3 was mostly the finalisation of the shape of the body (tweaking can be done after I have the whole model). As you mentioned in your email the shape may need to be adjusted to your desire or not but please don't hold back if there is something that you don't like. We can look into this after everything is built. I think it's getting there.

I took the body into another program to do some test renders... just to see how good I could get it to look with shaders alone. The texturing process will make all the difference (as it did with the rose). I can get subtle deformation and hopefully get some nice stitching style patterns or dress fabric or the sequence pattern on your concept. Please let me know about textures.

This shot is from Day 4 basically I fleshed in the head of the dress, things look like there coming together now. I also played with the shape a little more based on what you said. I didn't want to change it too drastically as I said after the model is made I'll post up a turnaround so you can see every angle. It's quite handy to see the entire outcome before making a decision.

Last but not least I sat down and did another lighting render with the head and a slight tweak on the lighting setup. Anyway these are the developments to this point, I think the dress is coming together now that it has a head. I think the eyes will complete the situation... Everything else is going to be the work of the textures... The arms will be the last thing I probably do.

Okay hope you like it so far!


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