Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Model Details

Hey Catherine,

The model is coming along really nicely so I wanted to show you some bits of it, I will also explain some of the more intricate parts which we discussed on the phone. We are going to start with the head region as that is where most of the detail is. We can then move on to the arms which have been modelled they now just need fur. I'm working on that next then the texturing which won't take long.

Okay as far as the head goes it has a mouth box I wasn't sure if you wanted the model to have teeth or a tongue so let me know. I can probably wrap the lashes to the eyes or possibly parent them to the eye lid joints... we will see. The button eyes I thought it was best to make them in the texture as any protruding buttons will make the eye blink weird. It's not a big deal you probably wont notice.

Next is the back of the head which I mentioned to you on the phone. I gave the front of the dress an interior back which had to go back a bit to accommodate the eye balls and the mouth box. If you don't want to see the back of the eye spheres or mouth box you have to have something that hides these features. It's just to make the model more sleek and allow you to use it from the back should you need to.

The next picture is about the arms and their geometry which need to be in specific places to allow the arm to fold and fingers/thumb to bend accordingly. The arms are connected and drape over the neck of the model as in your diagram I assume it acts like a waist wreath. The only thing this needs now is to get the right kind of feather/fur I will be on that next the texturing won't take long either.

That's what the model looks like against the planes you can see I followed the diagrams as closely as I could the only thing missing is the feather fur and of course the hair accessory. I've kept the hair detail off for now because this is when you need to decide if the shape of the model is acceptable. As I said before this is the only time when you can change the shape so please make sure your happy.


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