Monday, 12 September 2016

The Snazzies: Slinkies Cinema Seat

Hey Catherine,

Its been a while since I have posted on here but I think we have gotten to a place where the old will do us a favour... Besides I do miss doing the odd blog post, its kind of become a part of me. Anyway this post is about how I see the Slinkies sitting in our infamous cinema scene. I started by making a basic chair but then I had an idea... I still want them to sit even if its a lean... Lets go through the little journey.

The image above shows the basic chair... it started as a port from our cinema scene but I cleaned the geometry up smoothed it and changed a few bits here and there to make it more like a cinema chair. Long story short its no longer low poly. It looks okay but then I had a little bit of an epiphany when trying to sit the Slinkines onto it (causing their dresses to bunch and look quite crap). I defer your attention to the next image.

Make the chair folded (as it would be if it wasn't in use) this creates a little ledge for the Slinkies to lean into allowing them to stand and sit/lean slightly on the little ledge of the upper seat. It also works quite well with scale (if a person was in the dress it would be right). In my mind this would work perfectly for this but I wanted you to see my thought process... We need to start this somewhere... and guess what we have started.

For the above image I sat Sparkle in the chair and did a sole render with a basic light setup and some ambient occlusion in the chair to give it a little depth. Obviously the chair would have some basic texture but I did this just so you could see how the Slinkies would use these chairs. I hope you like this it provides us a perfect opportunity to "seat" the Slinkies without them looking rubbish by bending them over too far.

I did a small pose for each slinkie in their chairs I don't see the range of movement going to the feet but we can do quite a range in the upper quadrant of the body as you can see from these 3 test renders. Obviously to situate all 3 I am gonna have to play with the lighting a little more but one at a time we can stick to a basic setup. Next I will put them in a basic scene with a floor and a back wall... Ill knock up a basic telly in case we need it.

Anyway I hope this is a good idea... I am going with my gut here and my gut loves to have some logic to grab onto. In my opinion fantasy works better if there is some logic to it... it almost makes things more believable. Hope you enjoyed the post.


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