Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Snazzies: Theatre Chair Textured

Hey Catherine, Sorry for the delay on this the UV mapping took a little longer because I wanted to minimalize the stretching of the textures... Happy to say this chair is probably one of the best UV mapped items I have done so It certainly should compliment the Slinkies well... I was going to do a normal map but then I thought it was a little overkill, cant spend too long fine tweaking anyway. I did however managed to make a few variants for your viewing pleasure.

Started with the standard checker map it allows you to see if there is any distortion in the UV and if there is obviously you have to spend longer ironing it out. The fact that this was an object made it a little easier however. Anything that has a curve is a little more of a nightmare to unwrap mainly because the goal of a uv map is to keep things ironed out and even... A curve needs to stretch outwards and isn't very logical.

I then threw it in ZBrush just to give it a coat of colour really. I really liked the Green and the wood finish under the arms... I wanted the base to be kind of like a black metal (they are usually oily). I don't know to me it just looks the part... I actually like the green too but I know we talked above looking at a few variants so I have done that below too. Just let me know which one you would prefer to see... I still like the green.

The image above shows the green mapped onto the chair with a bit of basic lighting and ambient occlusion within the texture node. I am actually chuffed with how its turned out considering the painting side was pretty quick... The thing that took the time was the UV mapping which is no surprise the technical shit usually takes 20x the creative shit. I did a group render with the green too just so you could see how it works with them.

I think it looks pretty good but again its completely up to you I know colour is an important thing to this concept (you love your wackiness) the blue version I did (below) is also quite nice but I thought id leave it to you to throw your verdict. The wood finish for me is a very nice touch everything is plastic nowadays and I don't like it... It breaks. Anyway if you don't like the green check out the 4 other colour variants below.

Click the images to enlarge (as you should know by now anyway) I didn't render with all 3 you just need one of them really to get a feel. Just get back to me with which one you prefer I could have gone crazy and done loads but this is a fairly low priority thing... The key here is the animation. Anyway as always I hope this post has been a little informative and if I'm doing it right a little entertaining too lol..


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