Monday, 19 September 2016

The Snazzies: Texturing Theatre Set

Hey Catherine,

Quite a bit to cover but I thought it was better dealt with all at once really just so you can think about it over the next day or so and show it to whoever you wish. This first post is about our set to be honest your not going to be seeing much of it cuz I always planned for us to be mostly in the Slinkies faces... I know you mentioned grunging on the phone but I have spent more time on this then I should have so I think we should leave it.

Well here is the standard checker map to see how the textures have gone on.... You should know what this is by now. Basically even spacing for each checker means there's no distortion on the faces of the geometry which means when we lay textures they lay EXACT... Without bumps or any nasty tearing anywhere... The other side doesn't matter because we don't see it hence why its got no opposite side... It looks pretty good to me.

Enter our set UV maps which from this angle look pretty basic (because they are)... I didn't account costings for a set because I wasn't originally going to make one. I was just going to make a very crude box but I wanted it to look nice for the animation... hence why there is not much room for tweaking. If we had added a proper environment to your costing it would have been easily another £500.00 either way you have done good here.

As you can see it laid out really nice on the basic geometry made for the set. I ask that you ignore the side walls... They are there to box the light in the room not so much for decoration... The focal point of this animation is in front of and behind the Slinkies as they chat. The floor is a standard theatre carpet and for walls I made wood because this setting felt more like a shed in a dump... I hope I got that right anyway.

Enter our blue chairs (your choice :) they set off quite nice against the yellows of the wood and the reds of the carpet... its making me yearn for a bit of green in the scene but now I'm just getting a little carried away. Its a really basic setup... to do it properly we would have made everything in great detail from scratch... Its quite a costly exercise but when you see the end result its usually an amazing sight.

Anyway that's one post down, I hope this gives you something to show people/think about.


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