Monday, 19 September 2016

The Snazzies: Theatre Set Lighting Tests

Hey Catherine,

Last but not least a few lighting tests I did for this scene. I ranged them from REV A - D I just thought id clear up a few last minute lighting queries should they arise. Each test has 3 ranges of light intensity (from 0.5 - 1) which strengthens light and resulting shadows. I moved the light for some and changed the colour of it just to see it if it was blue. I know you don't want it this way but I did the last light passes for me really lol.

You will have to click these to enlarge them I wanted to keep the amount of images down so I put 3 in a line. The first shot of REV A has an 0.5 light intensity REV A is also our standard white light directly in front of the set. The second shot is the same light position but with an 0.75 (default light value). Lastly the strongest light value of the 3 with an intensity of 1.0 is the third image along... Just look at them and let me know.

REV_B is the light on the right side of the set looking down at them (look at the shadows). It has the same intensity values the shot before I just moved the light to the right hand side looking down at them. I thought I would let you pick this hence why I did quite a few renders. When it comes to lighting we kind of disagree so I'm just willing to go along with whatever shot you prefer... Ask people and just see which you prefer too :)

REV_C is over the left hand side looking down at them... I did this originally and its nice to be able to see the shadows from the angle of the camera. Then again if you look at it from the other side you are potentially losing them again. It might be safer to save switching lights around based on the camera angle to keep the lighting face on. Again though that is completely up to you just let me know which of all these tests you prefer.

REV_D is based on the settings I used before... I kept the colour light in the Slinkies and dark in the background so it falls back. Regardless I just did these 3 for me so it feels like they are in a dark room watching television. I get your motivations but I always say things are more believable the more grounded in logic they are. This is my last look into the topic so whatever you decide here I will go along with. Just let me know your preferred setup.

Well that's me 4 for 4 posts... Now to send you an email.


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