Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Fur Test Passes

Hey Catherine,

Okay I got a few test renders which I made using different settings in the fur options box. I also created a few colour variants so you can get a feel for the colour options. I get that the "rose" slinky has a pink waist wreath but this is so you can see some of the other colour options. Obviously when it comes to fur colour the sky is the limit. If you find any you like on the internet let me know I can recreate them.

Please let me know which one you prefer, you can click them to enlarge them.

Hair Test #1 was my initial test, the roll of the fur is up quite high so it is more condensed. I also added small clumps to the fur to try to get it to feel more like feathers. The length is increased by a noise amplifier which I kept at a default setting. This gives the setting its fur volume. Everything else is kept close to its default the fur was slightly cut as it drives down the arms.

Hair Test #2 was adapted from its predecessor the roll has been lowered to spread the fur a little more outward. I also upped the noise amplitude in the length to retract it a little. The key here though was reducing the scale and density of the fur to get it more aligned with the underline arm geometry so the fur follows the shape of the arms a little more. I tried to keep it simple.

Hair Test #3 I wanted to go as close to default as possible so I got rid of most of the noise settings and tried my best to get a more "fluffy" fur style. I also emptied my "straggle" and "clump" settings to get things close to fluff. I also put the density back where it was and brought the scale back up. Also I have not mentioned this in the others but the colours differentiate with the root depths being obviously darker then their tips.

Hair Test #4 brings back the "clump" and "straggle" settings you can notice this by looking at the curly ends of the fur. I was also adding slight amplitude values to the noise properties for the "tip" and "base" settings of the fur. The "roll" setting also gets a higher value to bring the fur closer to the arm. I also brought the "density" of the fur back up to populate it fully due to the increased roll.

Hair Test #5 has a much lower tip and base curl increasing the volume of the individual hairs. I also upped the clump setting to bring these furs together I then increased the clump "frequency" and "shape". The amplitude of the length was also increased higher to bring the fur out further. The "roll" was also brought down slightly so the fur wasn't too close to the arm and so its length compensated for its depth.

Hair Test #6 for this test I removed all "straggle" & "clump" settings back to 0 and brought the "base" and "tip curls" back to default. I then brought up the "length amplitude" and "offset" the fur depth so it was closer to the arm while keeping the fur volume. I also increased the "specular sharpness" to condense the light impacting the fur. I also brought the "roll" back to default to fluff the fur up a little.

All of these fur settings were creating using the base "squirrel" setting with various adjustments to the fur sliders. Sorry if this is all confusing to you Catherine. Please just check them out and see which one you like the best. Even if you like a combination of the two let me know.


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