Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Orthograph Revisions

Hey Catherine,

As per your instructions I have adjusted the Orthographics accordingly apologies for the delay in getting in touch had a few interviews last week. Anyway there are a few technical issues to discuss in regard to how you want the model to look. I'm going to suggest a few ideas and yeah you let me know which one you think sounds about right. This model is going to be easy once I get into it so going forward there shouldn't be much of a wait.

Okay I'm going to rattle off what you asked for first of all straighter tops to the boxers easy peasy and no problem. I have added folds and your bum-crack but as I stated aside from the key creases (that change the shape of the model) the fabric folds are going to be drawn on via the texture... its just simpler and results in a clean animation ready model. The more complexity the more your risk of getting weird deformation when it animates.

The image above shows some guys asscrack (which I used for reference - go me) I will make sure the crack is a defining feature in the geometry but it may be more evident in the texture... just to let ya know. Added his ears/hoops simple to add that to the model. I sagged his eyes but again they have to accommodate a sphere so shapes may vary. I also changed the brows into gloves erm I'm not sure how that's going to work on the model yet it will probably be separate like the lashes.

The image above shows the altered head turns on the orthograph sheet. Now last but not least is the mouth shape which I know you want to be some kind of tear. Rips are okay but it is essentially a mouth so lips are needed unless the character always has an open mouth. They can be asymmetrical, hell when he opens his mouth there could be a tear inside which leads to the interior mouth. That would probably be perfect, I recommend that!

Last but not least you have the full body turns. At this point the creases don't line up (one of the reasons I didn't want to put them on the Orthographs). I did manage to get them better this time round (having studied a pair of my own Jeans carefully - how they drape, etc). Funny I never really paid attention to it before lol. Anyway it will be different then the model but as a rule of thumb it usually is. The modelling process helps iron out lots of flaws in the design.

Anyway I hope this helps!

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