Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Texture Turnaround Mk1

Hey Catherine,

I got your emails don't worry I am ploughing away at the Saggies but I did spend a little weekend time rendering out a full turnaround of the Slinky texture job I did. Now I know you have adjustments but I thought it would help if you could see the whole model to decide if there was anything more you wanted me to change. I made the texture more discernable by enlarging the sequins and thus their respective bumps. I will adjust these based on your instructions but let me know if there is anything more.

The image above shows the turnaround of the model as it stands now. Please ignore the fur misplaced fur patch on the full model its something I overlooked its fixed now. In this case just look at the model and textures and decide if there is anything more then the instructions you gave. I don't mind changing anything I'll give you a costing for the adjustments you want. Anyway I just thought this would help in your diagnosis of the model while I get the Saggy to the same place.


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