Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Model Day 4-5

Hey Catherine,

I spent a few days getting your model "correct" which means getting it into the correct shape, playing with creases for the jeans, making sure the topology played right and I also sculpted a bit of detail into the mesh. What this means is the model will hold most of its shape meaning the textures should add to the density. Anyway you will see what I mean when you look at the photos below.

The image above shows the Orthographic view in Maya (which I use to plot the model from flat planes. There is no perspective in these views as I explained before which is what makes the view so unique. Anyway as you can see the model folds rather nicely. I could go to town with it in my sculpting program but I want to get the model made and I'm sure by now you want to be able to use these lol.

The above are screenshots of the model so far, don't worry I haven't forgotten about your bum crack and I am well aware of the lack of eyes etc. I just wanted your feedback on my comments in the Orthograph post before committing to the design. I wanted to make sure you are happy with how he looks now. If you could get back to me on that as soon as you can I will proceed with the next phase.

The next shot is the back of the model, I thought you'd want to see how it looks in contrast to the front. Notice that I added the jeans seam down the side I'll see about etching in the pockets in a similar fashion. The eyes are my next move, after that the lips are not really a big challenge. Again though I would like to know what you think of keeping exterior lips which lead to an interior tear (mouth box).

Last but not least the last image is a smooth render of the model, I think it looks on the money as far as the design is concerned and I hope it conveys drapery weight. I had to study drapery closely to get a good idea but I think this works now. The front profile (derived from your artist) is a little incorrect. Jeans for the most part are straight they only bag up at the bottom.

Anyway please let me know what you think and give me your opinion on the new Orthos!

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