Monday, 23 March 2015

The Snazzies: Orthographics Dev Saggy

Hello Catherine,

Thought I'd get this over to you before the power cut in my area tomorrow so please take your time to peruse. We can have our chat on Wednesday. Suffice to say I completed your Orthographics and started the Saggy model. Things are coming along quicker but I knew they would, fur can pose problems and feathered arms was always going to be a little issue. After this we can revisit the texture job on the Slinky.

This is the image I used to create the Saggy Orthos, I used it as a basis for the front... the same as the Slinky. Created the other sides based on my own interpretation. Please let me know if you don't like the shape and we can do what you did with the Slinky before: Draw your own lines and I will copy them to the specifications you require. Regardless the turnaround should be pretty quick.

The image above shows the original full body image of the Saggy character with a turnaround for the head. I created simple chain links separately and the belt is obviously going to be asymmetrical in regard to the hands and movement. You will probably have to tell me what you want to do with that when it comes to rigging. Either way this should be pretty easy to recreate.

Next comes the full body Saggy Orthographs. I don't mind saying that this character is quite nifty looking even in the Orthographs I wasn't sure what to do when it came to the side legs. I'm not very seasoned in drawing drapery (pooled Jeans) but I gave it my best shot. The front and back is a little wider then the sides but that is how jeans are meant to be (to accommodate a human waist).

Anyway I hope these are okay, let me know if there are any issues!

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