Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Texture Renders

Hey Catherine, Spent most of today playing with your slinky getting her nice and textured. I have done a quick once over in ZBrush before moving things to photoshop for some detail tweaking. I have also did a test render with some fur just to get an idea of how she looks in her complete form. The renders will take a while to complete but I think you will agree it looks pretty nice so far. I'll have another play tomorrow.

The image above shows how the face looks now that it is textured. You are going to have to let me know if you like how she looks and if there is anything you wish to change at this phase. I painted the brow section of the dress using the colours provided by the material sample you gave me. Transparency is not something you can have on this section without it showing the inside of the dress and yeah its best if that doesn't happen unless you want people to see the back of her eyes, etc.

The image above shows the textures I used, some of which you provided me others I had to research to get something that had less lighting effects (textures have to be flat so the shaders can do the light, dark, etc. The colours are easily interchangeable in photoshop so if youd rather things were more pink just let me know. I based this initial texture job on the original concept art that you sent me I hope that's okay.

This is how the texture looks when it is flattened down. I can paint on this or do whatever and it will translate onto the model when I update the texture maps in Maya. As you can see things are relatively flat. I wasn't sure how big you needed the sequin dress design but as I said let me know if there's anything you don't like. Regardless the render settings look quite nice and so far I think its looking good... See below!

Well as you can see from the 2 images above things are starting to look pretty nice here. Again let me know if there is anything that doesn't look right or has changed since its inception. The fur test is just a temporary small test I did because it was getting late. I still have to play with the settings a little but I had to get an idea of how it would look so I stuck some default fur on and changed the colour.

Anyway I hope you like the new developments!

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