Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Additional Fur Tests

Hey Catherine,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, my dogs been Ill all weekend and yeah sleep has been a bit troublesome. Never the less I have done the further renders you requested and I tried something else... I created another Fur test from Test no.3 only thing one has shorter fur (to take account for lack of dynamics in the fur. I have named it "Test no. 7" because it is new but I thought I'd try it to see what you thought.

Okay the image above is "Fur Test 3" from the original batch only now as requested it is full body. Again I'm not entirely sure what your looking for from this wreath. I just thought the fluffier the better. Having looked at these wreaths (and at one occasion having worn one) they are generally extremely soft. Never the less there's no rush just let me know which or if you need any further samples.

Next is the other favourite of ours "Fur Test 5" again my only concern with these furs being long is that they will look odd if they move without dynamics such as gravity and force. Once I have them rigged I will conduct a couple of experiments with the fur to see if they can be changed per character I know that was another concern of yours. I don't see a reason that it shouldn't be possible I just don't want to say with certainty.

Okay now based on my favouritism of Test 3 I have created "Fur Test 7" the only element which has changed is the noise length of the fur. I did this to give you another option. Basically the length of the fur is half of what Test 3 is. The only thing I wanted to consider here was making 3 more mobile... The mass of the fur is going to be the toughest sell when animating the character. Never the less don't let it sway you, if you like 5 or 3 or whatever we can make it work.

Okay, I hope everything is well and apologies for taking a while to get back its been a bit of a hectic weekend. If you need anything more on these fur tests let me know. I'm back on texturing.


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