Monday, 13 April 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Belt Debate

Hey Catherine, The name of this post is probably a little more full on then I meant but it made sense. Basically in order for the belt to look like an actual belt it kind of needs to be thin. Now the reason is probably because the pose of the character is throwing you a little. The base pose for most models (for rigging purposes) is known as the "T Pose". Its because it allows you easy access to the model without grabbing incorrect vertice points.

The image above shows a model someone else made in the T Pose (Generic Male) side to side with the Saggy Ortho and the 3D model. Now when we (humans) do the "T Pose" the upper arm faces down while the forearm faces out to the side (front on). In the Saggies case (a belt) the side (front on) is flat to make it too thick means it wont look like a belt but a blocky arm. This is only the pose for when I rig, and if you look at it from the top the arms are thicker...

As you can see its just how it looks from the front of the model. When he's rigged you will be able to pose him into loads of positions but his base pose will always be the "T Pose" its the standard pose for all models. When rigging you bind points of the mesh to bones within the model and then when you move the bones the model moves. That's how 3D animation works and for ease the "T Pose" is the standard for ease of rigging.

When you get close to the belt it looks fine its just because its at a funny angle (side on) so it looks small. The distance of the camera also doesn't help and the size of the image on these pages. If you look back at my former post you will see how thick the belt is and that it is pretty much on the money.

I hope that explains it, if not give me a call and I'll do my best.

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