Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Model Final Dev

Hey Catherine,

Okay I am happy where the Saggy model is at present - I have laid in a tongue and a mouth box so it is pretty much ready to be textured (barring you approval on the turnaround - next post). The only thing I missed was the chain (mainly because I wasn't sure how it was going to work on your model. I think the belt pretty much does the job. The chain just feels a bit like overkill. Let me know if your sure you want it I'll add it in.

The image above shows once again how the model lines up to the Orthographic (still pretty nicely). I sagged the bum of the jeans a little more to make the eyes work more. It also makes the jeans ride a little lower on the back which is correct when we consider the ass of some guy rides above these jeans (in the boxers region). Anyway, that brings me to my next point (visualise away).

The image above is the model on a wire/shaded view (this allows you to appreciate the face more). I opted not to knock in the back pocket seams or the side pocket seams. As I told you before that may be difficult geometrically I don't want to add too much to mess up the rigging phase. The eyes also had to be a specific depth to fit. DW though I will put these details through on the texture as I said previously.

The next image is a comparison between the smooth and low original model view (using the face). Basically models at their roots are built low polygonal and are subdivided (smoothed) up so they look high quality (yes even films like Avatar). This is where discussions of poly-counts come in basically the lower the count the more you can have in a scene (without a powerful computer). I make my models low and generally rely on the renderer to smooth them keeping the scene small making things easy to navigate in the viewport and also making rigging a quicker process.

The image above is a render of the Saggy model smoothed in mental ray. The poly-count is quite low when you consider film artists don't generally care about it. I, however am a gamer at heart and games modellers optimise for games engines. It is nice to have a pretty model don't get me wrong but I like to do it so most machines can run it. If you can make a model look good with less its the best policy in my opinion.

Okay I hope this didn't go over your head too much, I hope you like it!

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