Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Model Revisions

Hey Catherine,

Okay to help me I went through your revisions I copied them into a notepad document and went through them one by one. I had to take it into my sculpting package to move the mouth seamlessly. I also used this opportunity to sculpt in some extra details, this is when I put the poly-count up. I also put the belt through the loops so it didn't just float. I hope that was okay. Please let me know if there's anything else!

I took your notes on board with the image in consideration and I think it looks more like what you had in mind. I was a little confused when I first looked at my text messages but your email helped clear things up so thanks for that. I tried to do my best but a few things may be a little less like what you had in mind but as I said there are reasons why things on models have to be specific. With that said lets get into it...

Okay as you can see I made the legs longer so the head is 1/3, the arms are slightly longer/wider & I flattened the face so it doesn't look like a nappy. The legs didn't need widening at the top the scaling was seamless. The pockets are a difficult promise to keep because as I said they need to support a sphere making sharp edges with that isn't easy... I did try though... It will look better when textured trust me.

The image above shows the high resolution Saggy model it retains some of this detail in the Maya version. This program allowed me to move the mouth up and shorten the nose. Making the eyes smaller will be something done on the texture. The spheres should be the same shape just make the cornea texture smaller. I also made the arms fit a little better and they are slightly longer/thicker. I hope this is all okay.

The final image is something I did so you could see the model crudely painted. I did some retouching in Photoshop because I wanted you to get a feel for how he is going to look in this form. Sometimes it helps to see the model in colour to help make an informed decision. When I sit down to do the real texture paint I will use what you guys suggest (again provide the textures if you can and suggest a scale).

Anyway please let me know if there are any issues!

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