Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy UV Mapping

Hey Catherine,

Its been a busy few days the UV mapping of this particular character I think I underestimated. It took all of yesterday and a bit of today just to get the UV maps to a place where I was happy. Its because of the higher polygonal mesh and some of the more intricate details built into the model (the belt buckle for instance was a total nightmare). The goal of UV mapping is to make things flat but damn it gave me a hard time lol.

Like the Slinky the image above shows the placement of the seams across the checker and UV grid test texture layouts. We are also looking for severe surface deformation. If a texture is pulling it won't lay correctly on the model and can look messy if you are not careful. There was slight puling on the Slinky and on the Saggy there was around the legs but I offset it so it should be good now.

The next image is the Saggy UV Layout. This is basically where I have spent my last day or so, making the model flat so it can be painted on with textures. The more dense the mesh the tougher it is to map because the model doesn't know where to put itself. You essentially have to break the model apart and reassemble it so it works correctly. This mesh is higher then the Slinky and that detail is in the arms mostly.

However what you are left with is quite a nice looking model here. It's already a better quality model then the Slinky at the atomic level. That being said the Slinky was a simpler shape and did not require a great amount of additional detail. I am going to have a little play over tomorrow to see if I can get the quality of these up, I am also going to investigate specular maps (for your slinky sparkly's).

Last but not least are your basic uv turnaround passes to show you the placement of the seams, etc, etc. You have heard this all before. I am happy with how this model has turned out, now I'm just looking forward to getting him textured/rigged and over to you. Please keep me apprised of the situation with the Slinky when Matilda has given you a confirmation on her look. We can chat a little tomorrow.

Well I think that's that, I hope you like what you are seeing.

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