Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Snazzies: Saggy Texture Renders

Hey Catherine,

Okay I went a bit insane with this model (lost a night or so's sleep) even looked to align a lot of it up with custom bumps. I also added rips in the geometry and lined most things up with the normal placements on the model. Anyway its reached a level which makes it look pretty authentic, its probably the best alignment job I have done on a model yet. I hope you like how he looks now.

As you can see from the image above he looks pretty badass, the textures are high resolution the only area which was hard was the boxers. The looping textures needed a seam so I had to add one down the back. The image above also has the eyes slightly repositioned just to give the face a little life (he's not rigged yet so its simple). I just thought you'd want to see how he looks.

These are a small selection of the textures used, the most commonly I'd say. I used the edges to spray my seams on. They were also handy to use for indentations around the back pockets/brows. I jumped between two pieces of software to texture this character more realistic and less uniform. Like I said I've never done this good of a job before and I'm really happy with how he looks.

I also remembered to knock up a small video showing me adding the rips to the Saggy. Please check out the video above! I thought it would be good for you to be able to see a little behind the scenes action of the modelling process. I meant to do more recording earlier on but I didn't want to go over board, some of this stuff can be hard to follow. This video is rather simple.

The image above shows the textures used in this particular model. As I mentioned before the texture maps are for paint details/colour/shade/etc. Normal maps create the illusion of depth and shadow when scene lighting hits them. They are key for adding an extra layer of detail on models. These particular normals come from a higher polygonal mesh and are projected onto a lower poly mesh.

Last but not least is the front and back sides of the model from a 3/4 perspective (its more dynamic then front or side on). You can see how tight the texture maps are, they should be though I got them from a HD camera and scans. Like I said I got a bit carried away with this but I wanted to give you a winner first time round I hope it is acceptable for his final look. I'm really happy with him!

I will do a turnaround next so please watch this space!

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