Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Scarf or Fur

Hey Catherine,

I have a few more minor updates before setting into the rig and I'm going to need you to look at and consider all of them so we don't have to alter much after the rig. The less shifting we do after the better it is. Now where the Slinky is concerned I sat down and found a way to create a mesh scarf. I then used normal maps to create surface deformation so it has your folds but the geometry is good for a rig.

Having done it, I feel I had to share it with you and get your observations. Not to be too bias but this would be simpler to rig and less taxing on most computer systems (mine included). Again I'm not sure of your personal visual preference but that's why I felt I should give you the choices. I have however gotten normal maps working so the scarf deforms correctly. Please let me know what you think.

The image above is a normal map and I put the mesh UV over it so you could see where the model poly's go. Again more techno jargon but I think by now you are probably used to it lol. I feel the fabric is a little more in-keeping with your Saggy model too (thin material vs. thin belt). You ask how I know this? I put them into a shot together (next post) but yeah the fur felt a little much compared to the basic Saggy.

In static the image above shows the angle you can appreciate the scarf. I don't have to tell you that when these characters move they won't be doing "T-Poses" as much, if at all. I may even be able to rig the scarf in a similar way to the Saggy belt. Meaning it could elongate, curl, etc. Kind of like a cartoon limb, the technique is called "rubber hosing" or in the more technical sense "Ribbon spine".

My Benjamin character had a Ribbon spine it basically allows the character to stretch unrealistically. It kind of simulates the squash and stretch principles of cartoon animation which is quite cool. Please see my Benjamin character stretching his spine above. While we are on the subject though you are going to let me know if you have any rigging specifics or if it is just a basic rig.

Okay that's one of my concerns out of the way.... next.

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