Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Snazzies: Slinky Vs. Saggy Scale

Hey Catherine,

This update is a day or so late and well it would be nice to know because once I rig your options for rescaling diminish drastically. This is only because from my experience without certain adjustments rigged character meshes don't like to be scaled. I've had eyebrows distort, control curves move... it can be funky. So I did research which would diminish your need for rescaling after rigging. Lets get down to it.

Firstly we have to find a size your happy with (real world). The image above shows the two characters in sizes which I like, this is based on a number of comparable scale factors: Eye size, arm length, body width and just general artistic observation. Of course please do give me your specifications if you think it isn't quite what you had in mind. If you could decide this before we rig that would be great.

The Saggy I worked out at around half the size of the Slinky (less refined, lower class, an I don't give a f*** kind of character). The industry standard for figuring accurate scale is working it out in real world values (Maya by default uses cm). 105cm is 3 foot 5 give or take. Working it out to real world also enables the people who create 3D worlds or anything after to scale from the character. It becomes a rule for future animations.

Now as far as the Slinky goes I thought tall, obviously (refined, upper class, a gown only for elite rich folk). This meant essentially making her double the size of the Saggy (give or take). 187cm is 6 foot 2 which felt right generally as I always imagine super models wearing this type of gown lol. Having seen both of them in the scene together I think it just works I can't really explain it (that's a good thing).

The last image (above) shows the characters in the viewport together (in perspective). It bothered me at one point how high her waist in comparison to his but that's anatomically/realistically. This is animation and if it works to the eye it just has a way of looking right. Anyway please let me know If you don't like how they scale together, like I said you can figure out the size of your world from these 2 starting blocks.

I hope this is okay, get back to me for confirmation.

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